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Greek αναβασις.


IPA: /æ'næbəsɪs/


  1. a military march up-country, especially that of Cyrus the Younger into Asia
    • 1989: ‘I have a feeling that if we follow a scent of spring on the air with sufficient eagerness we’ll come to a south without snow more quickly than we think. Thalassa, thalassa. This is what the Greeks called an anabasis.’ They looked at him as if he were barmy. (Burgess, Any Old Iron)

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The Greek term anabasis referred to an expedition from a coastline up into the interior of a country. The term katabasis referred to a trip from the interior down to the coast. So anabasis means "Expedition" or "The March Up Country" and carries the same connotation in Greek as it does in English. There are two classic texts with the name:
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